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PRIVATE WRITING GROUPS are designed to bolster the experience of a small writing cohort. I encourage writers to develop their own support group as they write, but sometimes writing groups need check-ins to keep focused or have specific craft concerns they need addressed through an instructor. These short private one-hour to two workshops for a maximum of (5) people are meant to help keep your group on track. 

PRIVATE WRITING GROUP members may submit up to 5000 words total of prose combined per each one-hour consultation (two-hour block up to 10,000 words). The writer must also share the work with cohort members. 

Your group must submit any or all writing one week prior to your scheduled appointment time to myself and to the other members of your group. This means you must set your deadline to one week PRIOR to our appointment. 

If you have a group already formed, please appoint one member to fill out the Request a Consultation form prior to purchasing PRIVATE WRITING GROUP for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your group’s needs. I will only take on your group if I believe that I can truly help members reach their writing goals. 


PRIVATE WRITING GROUP RATES are $300 per hour for a maximum of (5) writers

If you want to participate in a PRIVATE WRITING GROUP of (5) five writers, but need to be matched with other writers, please fill out the PRIVATE WRITING GROUP form and submit a short writing sample (up to 2500 words). 

I will contact you when there are enough to fill an appropriately matched cohort of up to five (5) writers. Please note that this may take several months to process and match you with a group of writers you can work with. I will not match anyone up randomly. My goal is to help you create a community of people who will support you on your writing journey. Details such as time zones and meeting times will be up to the participants to coordinate. You will be placed in mixed prose genre group unless you specify otherwise. Note that a single genre workshop placement is likely to delay your group placement. The non-refundable fee to read your sample and to put you in a group placement is ($25). 

*There is no charge for those who have taken Women’s Creative Writing Workshop, but former students requesting placement must still submit a short writing sample.

Hawai’i permanent residents receive kama’aina rates (10% off) for Women’s Private Writing Group if all members reside in HI.

Please use the Request a Private Writing Group form to contact me prior to purchasing any PRIVATE WRITING GROUP. 

request a private writing group

  • What prose genre are you interested in writing?
  • Please specify below if you would like to be placed in a single genre prose writing group (note: this will delay placement)
  • Please describe your writing background:
  • I am interested in being matched with:
  • Please share any communities of folks you would be most comfortable writing with.
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