Asian/Asian American Women’s Creative Writing Workshop TBA



  1. Ahran Lee

    Signing up for Stephanie’s Asian/Asian American: Women’s Creative Writing Workshop changed my life. She has taught me how to harness the power of my writer’s voice, a voice I thought I didn’t have. Being a visual and performing artist, I didn’t consider my writing as a part of that collective artist identity I have inside me. She has awakened a part of me that is so exciting and lovely to meet! Stephanie helped me understand that I as a Korean American womxn have an immense power in writing about my lived experience and how that contributes to our collective healing. I know now that my writing is self care, self love, and a radical act of protest. I’m fully transformed in knowing that what I have to say and write about DEEPLY matters and has the power to transform not only myself but the collective as well. Stephanie is a master teacher, writer, and advocate. She knows how to meet you where you are in your writing journey and gives such thoughtful and practical advice on how to be the writer you need to be. I am a better artist, writer, friend, advocate by knowing her. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a writing course with Stephanie!

  2. JP

    I took this in Fall 2020 after Dr. Han’s 5 week course. This is a rare and special space for Asian American women writers. The 10 weeks our group spent with each other was transformative and inspiring. Thank you Stephanie for inspiring us, encouraging us to take risks in our writing, creating this space and helping us find each other. Dr. Han is an amazing teacher, mentor, writer and human being. I highly recommend taking this course to join the collective journey of telling our truths as Asian American women.

  3. Anushka

    Taking the Asian/Asian American: Creative Writing Workshop with Stephanie was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. This course completely transformed how I approach writing and taught me how to “read like a writer.” Stephanie is an incredible teacher, and her honesty and talent help women solidify their voice and find power in anger, vulnerability, confusion, humor. She created an incredibly safe, yet inspiring and thought-provoking space, where I was able to make connections and find solidarity with other amazing Asian-American women. By encouraging us to write our truth, Stephanie helped me regain access to a powerful part of myself I forgot existed. I would highly recommend signing up for this course!

  4. Elizabeth

    I was initially nervous about taking this workshop because I was in a tender place in my own identity journey and was worried I wouldn’t fit in but Stephanie created such a warm and safe container that my fears immediately dissipated after the first class. I learned so much from this workshop – about myself, my writing, my voice, the Asian American experience – that will stay with me forever. Stephanie is a wonderful teacher – a true expert in Asian American women’s literature – and I am leaving these ten weeks feeling more confident about my voice and place in the world as an Asian American writer. Perhaps the most valuable part of the entire experience was the community. I met incredible womxn who have quickly become dear friends, mentors, and confidants. For all this, I am deeply grateful. If you are feeling a pull to take this course, do it! It will benefit your life in more ways than you can imagine.

  5. Iris K.

    This was my second class that I took with Stephanie! I was so excited to be in a safe creative space of Asian diaspora women, with a shared emotional foundation from which we could write our stories. Being in a class with Asian women, reading Asian authors’ texts, I was able to reach within and find a boldness in my themes and subjects that I had trouble broaching before. Each classmate had ideas that were thought-provoking and curiosity-piquing.
    Stephanie is a wonderful teacher that addresses the need for Asian writers to speak our truth and own our stories. I am very grateful for this experience as her student in my writing journey!

  6. Kristene

    Stephanie’s Asian/Asian American Women’s Creative Writing Workshop has enriched my writing practice, writing community, and my manuscript. I appreciated how she brought together an analysis of ‘race’, colonialism, and feminist theory as it relates to craft and writing our stories. Her feedback during workshop was incisive and insightful. Her guest writer was Grace Talusan and was amazing — an intimate and generative session. It was a gift to be immersed for ten weeks in the books, essays, and new works of Asian/Asian American women writers.

  7. Lia

    I thoroughly enjoyed Stephanie’s Asian Women’s Creative Writing Workshop. As a non-writer looking for a supportive environment to find my voice, Stephanie created a welcoming space to explore my Asian identity and offered encouragement to write my story. The class explored the history of the Asian (American) woman’s experience, as well as provided lessons on craft and inspiration for writing. I really appreciated being in community with other Asian women where I felt seen and heard. I highly recommend this course!

  8. Reema Rajbanshi

    I sought out Stephanie’s class to invest time and energy in a new creative project–and as a rare space focused on Asian American women’s stories. These, as well as Stephanie’s deep understanding and consistent elaboration on technique and identity questions, generated fresh momentum in my writing. Art-making thrives on community as well as vulnerability, and Stephanie offers an invaluable way to develop both, through the group dynamic, the readings, their contextualization, and her generous teaching presence.

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