Monday Books No. 11: Minor Feelings

Aloha! It’s time for Monday books and I highly recommend MINOR FEELINGS by Cathy Park Hong. I have posted about this book prior, but having now witnessed the transformational discussions it inspires in my own class, I believe this book to be one of, if not the most significant piece of writing TO DATE about race and identity, and the lives of Asian American women. 

Essays are straightforward and the prose is intelligent, angry, vulnerable, hopeful, and passionate. The writing grabs you by the shoulders and says: READ THIS NOW! Hong’s honesty and humor are a delight. Read this book to figure out who you are, who your friend is, and how to move the discussion of race beyond the black-white dialectic. Hong writes her truth to power.

This is about how we tell the story of who we are as Asian American women and the fight to be seen—by our own selves and by others. We are the narratives we dare to dream and our ferocity is real. These words speak to where we’ve been and what we hope to be. Read this book.

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