Monday Books No. 16: Pei Pei – The Monkey King

Aloha! It’s time for Monday Books and today it’s a collection of poetry–Pei Pei the Monkey King by Wawa.

Wawa writes in both English and Chinese and also publishes under Lo Mei Wa. This book references the 2014 Umbrella Revolution and features poems in both English and Chinese, along with an introduction by translator/poet Henry W. Leung and an interview with Wawa. These poems are playful, exuberant, and distinctly Hong Kong in their references to myths and locale, and the complexity of feeling that the poet expresses for her place of origin.

This is a highly teachable collection. The song, rhythm, and intelligence of Wawa/Lo Mei Wa’s poetry prompts student curiosity about Hong Kong, and its people’s dreams and desires.

Understand that the action and language of revolution is often viewed in terms of masculinity, but this voice tells us that there are personal angles within the political, and that women’s contributions to the narrative of societal change are significant and distinct. Read it!

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