Write Your Divorce Story and Rewrite Your Life Workshop 2021 SESSIONS TBA



  1. Sharon

    Dr. Stephanie Han’s introductory workshop on how to structure a divorce narrative was liberating! This class was just the encouragement and spark I needed to complete the full story of my marriage and divorce. Her presentation is well organized, offers strategies for crafting a compelling narrative and practical advice. The most impactful element was the image of the writer as a Phoenix rising from the ashes to tell the new story of her new life. I highly recommend this class.

  2. Yee

    I can only say that Dr. Stephanie Han is a godsend! Her encouragement and support allowed me to write through to my freedom.
    Highly recommend her workshops because not only to
    improve one’s writing but they are a lot of fun.
    The classes are set up so that the material is easily understood and l have found my other classmates encouraging as well!!

  3. JoAnn Eden

    I really enjoyed Dr. Stephanie’s presentation and material in this great course!

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