Master Narratives: A Deep Dive (Live at Da Shop) – SATURDAY 22 JUNE 9-11AM HST


Date: 22 June SATURDAY

Location: Da Shop 3565 Harding Avenue Honolulu 96816

Time: 9-11 AM in-person workshop

Price: $100

Please pay at the MAKE A PAYMENT button. Workshop price $100 (no discounts apply)

What is a Master Narrative? This generative creative process workshop explores the complexities and ideas of Master Narratives. What is the difference between an implicit and explicit Master Narrative? How do they govern our lives and thus determine our narrative voice?

Writers will explore how and why Master Narratives are foundational to our framework of belief, community, and self. Participants will also examine their creative literary process in relation to Master Narratives. The creation of the world on the page, including the nuance of a character, and how we construct plot, conflict, and resolution are formed by our conception of our Master Narratives. Most significantly, the Master Narratives guide our approach to our subject matter and our identities as writers.

Writers will have the opportunity to generate ideas and write into the questions unearthed by the discovery of their own Master Narratives. The knowledge and created text about the writer’s personal Master Narratives will serve as a resource for writers as they embark on the stories that only they can write.

A shorter lecture on this subject of Master Narratives can be viewed here.

Please bring your laptop and/or writing utensils/paper.


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