The Power of Story: We Create the Story of Our Lives (open gender)



  1. Patti Kameya

    The layers behind the saying “We are all made of stories” came together for me after taking this one-hour class. With beautiful and compelling images, Stephanie shows how stories we consciously consume and unconsciously internalize shape identities and choices. Through moving personal examples, she makes a compelling case for women and others who have not been preserved in the canon to “write [ourselves] into existence.” Stephanie is a generous teacher, and leads open discussions where participants at any stage in their writing lives feel welcome and heard. After taking this class, I felt inspired and energized.

  2. Christine

    My favorite part of this workshop was when Stephanie put some serious question marks next to our easy acceptance of a single story structure model. If you’re ready to take a moment to have your view of your story and the way you tell it tipped gently but assuredly on its side, sign up. You’ll learn something valuable. I certainly did.

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