Woman. Warrior. Writer. Marie Mutsuki Mockett

Marie Mutsuki Mockett

Meet March WomanWarriorWriter. Marie Mutsuki Mockett!

How did you come to author your life?

Tayari Jones once challenged me to think of the kind of life I wanted to lead, and how writing could make this life happen for me. When I am feeling lost, I return to her question. I’m sure I want what everyone else wants, but I especially prize travel, exploring mysteries and appreciating beauty; these things bring me joy. I try to explore new interests and incorporate these into my work. When I get it right, combining these things leads to a feeling of tremendous satisfaction and freedom.

Marie Mutsuki Mockett was born and raised in California to a Japanese mother and an American father and is the author of four books. Her new novel, “The Tree Doctor,” will be published by Graywolf Press in March 2024. Her earlier book, American Harvest: God, Country and Farming in the Heartland (Graywolf Press), won the 2021 Northern California Book Award for General Nonfiction and the 2021 Nebraska Book Award for Nonfiction-Solidarity.  She was awarded the NEA-Japan US Friendship Commission, and a Fulbright to Japan for the 2022-2023 academic year.

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