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Please share this group info with women you know. I ask you to reach out to women you know who may be needing this resource. Why? Because women RARELY ask for help.
I am NOT a therapist. But I am someone who has developed a framework for understanding that has worked for me and that has helped other women.
I have decided to post concepts and methods that have been very effective for women facing this challenge — essentially the information from the book in the FB group Write Your Divorce Story.
I began teaching the Write Your Divorce Story workshop as a way to provide women with a practical approach to dealing with the process of divorce. While divorce takes place across all cultures, women continue to experience devastating feelings of grief, inadequacy, or shame as they undergo this traumatic upheaval. There are thousands of resources on the process of getting married, yet few on divorce.
I found only two references in my online search on how to write a divorce story: one from a family attorney’s practice, and another from a religious organization. Women may be unable to ask for help or feel self-conscious about doing so. When I began to offer the workshop, I had many women email or message me across social media in great distress, but often they were too self-conscious to show up, as if to do so would be to admit a further wrongdoing on their part. Some were so overwhelmed that they were unable to carve out the time to attend a single class. I realized then that women needed to be able to privately access information, hence I authored a short book that I will release this year. I wrote it with the hope that women can see that they can author their divorce story, and in so doing, create a new life.
If you are a woman in the process of moving through a divorce or have been divorced and would like to add to this conversation, please feel free to ask and join my FB group WRITE: Your Divorce Story.

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