Monday Books No. 19: A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora by Jenna Le

Aloha! It’s time for Monday books and I would like to recommend A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora by Jenna Le. This is a wonderful book of poetry full of texture, light, and feeling. 

Yes, this is a book that even that disinterested non-reading adolescent who sits in the back of your class and is a rather big pain in the neck most of the time, will really enjoy. Yes, Bored Teen Boy entered my class yet again, to the silent reading hour with nothing to read. I had a million things to do. I said PICK A BOOK. ANY BOOK. I think I just plopped the book in front of him. 

Bored Teen Boy liked this book.

THIS IS A MIRACLE BOOK. I’m not sure if Bored Teen Boy read much of the required reading.  Do know that Bored Teen Boy this book and the biography of Eddie Aikau. Reading can happen. And books like this make it happen.

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